World Missions

Inspire CareTM World Missions serves communities that suffer from extreme poverty and limited resources. Our World Missions was established to provide the necessary expertise and resources to establish, maintain, and develop growing cultures of health education, direct care, and health clinics all over the world.

We believe in the power of love and healing working together to inspire and encourage change, propel quality, increase compassion, and create innovation. Our World Missions acts as the vehicle that takes our voice and turns it into positive action.

If you would like to join our medical missions team or would like to send our team somewhere close to your heart, contact our corporate headquarters at 1- 855 – 933 – CARE (2273)


We believe in people helping people. Thus, we provide several unique opportunities to serve your community, gain experience, or meet your internship requirements for those who are advancing as medical, human, or social service professionals.

Giving and sharing your time and expertise is an honor and privilege, and is the greatest reward one can receive in life. Accept the challenge and become one of the elite in your community by serving.