Who We Are

Inspire Care™ “Making living at home possible℠” is a home and community-based services “HCBS” organization designed to specialize in adult home help services “AHHS” for Medicaid beneficiaries who require long-term care.

We are an Approved Provider for Michigan Department of Health & Human Services “MDHHS” and believe in the right to access quality long-term care despite social or economic disparities. Our Virtual CARE Network℠ is committed to reaching those in need regardless of cultural diversities or differences that make us unique.

Our self-directed services “SDS” model, MI CARE℠ provides choice and control. It is about giving over decision-making authority to people with disabilities, with the support of their family and friends. It is about freedom. MI CARE℠ asserts that a person should not have to lose their freedom because they require support from the public health sector.

MI CARE empowers Medicaid beneficiaries to choose their care, nurse, and caregiver in the setting of choice.

Our Mission

TO PROMOTE MI CARE℠ adult home help services “AHHS” for Medicaid beneficiaries and create a Virtual CARE Nurse℠ network that empowers and cultivates registered nurses “RN” to deliver care to patients in their home.

TO PROVIDE Healthcare Professionals and their organizations with a Virtual CARE Network℠ that provides a continuum of care communicates freely, and encourage patient to follow ups and contacts.

TO EDUCATE and certify CARE Providers(s)SM and offer accredited training tailored specifically to patient health needs through our CARE Institute.

TO EMPLOY CERTIFIED CARE Provider(s)SM and offer CARE Pay℠ residual supplemental income that helps support caregivers financially.

TO SEND medical missions teams all over the world to Share Our CARE℠ in communities that suffer from extreme poverty with limited access to quality healthcare.


Our vision is to be the trusted leader in home and community-based services “HCBS” by combining medical professionals, compassion, and technology to transform the way adult home help services “AHHS” are delivered.

Our Promise

Our CARE Promise is the heartbeat of our corporate culture and acts as the vital organs of our health and vitality as a living and learning organization.

COMMITMENT      Our compassion is the fuel that drives our service and dedication.

ASSURANCE          A positive attitude and love for people is what defines us.

RELATIONSHIP     We believe the most valuable “possession” on earth is you.

EXPERTISE            Education and experience together create a winning team; we strive to be the champion at both.


Our self-directed services “SDS” model MI CARE℠ in accordance with the Michigan Self-Determination Initiative incorporates a set of concepts and values which underscore a core belief that people who require support from the public health system as a result of a disability should be able to define what they need in terms of the life they seek, should have access to meaningful choices, and control over their lives. Michigan’s Self-Determination Initiative is aiming for major system change which will assure that services and supports for people are not only person-centered but person defined and person-controlled. MI CARE℠ is based on four principles. These are:

Freedom: The ability for individuals, with chosen family and/or friends, to plan a life with necessary supports, rather than purchase a program;

Authority: The ability for a person with a disability to control a certain sum or dollars in order to purchase these supports, with the backing of a social network or circle of friends, if needed;

Support: The arranging of resources and personnel – both formal and informal – so to assist a person with a disability to live a life in the community, rich in community associations and contributions, and;

Responsibility: The acceptance of a valued role in a person’s community through employment, affiliations, spiritual development, and general caring for others, as well as accountability for spending public dollars in ways that are life-enhancing.

MI CARE℠ is about choice and control. It is about giving over decision-making authority to people with disabilities, with the support of their family and friends. It is about freedom. MI CARE℠ asserts that a person should not have to lose their freedom because they require support from the public sector.

Person-Centered Planning & Advocacy

In accordance with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services “MDHHS” our Virtual CARE Nurse(s)℠ view each patient as an individual with specific and unique circumstances and will approach case planning holistically, from a person-centered, strength-based perspective.

A person-centered plan will be developed for all Medicaid beneficiaries receiving services. Person-centered plans are completed upon new patient enrollment and updated as often as necessary but minimally at the six-month review and annual reassessment. The person-centered plan directs the movement and progress toward goals identified jointly by the patient and the Virtual CARE Nurse℠ .

Person-centered, strength-based planning focuses on:

  • Patient as decision-maker in determining needs and case planning.
  • Patient strengths and success, rather than problems.
  • Patients as their own best resource.
  • Patient empowerment.

Part of our role includes being an advocate for our patients. As an advocate, the Virtual CARE Nurse℠ will:

  • Assist the patient to become a self-advocate.
  • Assist the patient in securing necessary resources.
  • Inform the patient of options and educate him/her on how to make the best possible use of available resources.
  • Promote services for patients in the least restrictive environment. Participate in community forums, town meetings, hearing, etc. for the purpose of information gathering and sharing.